Ollies "Thick Rib" BAR-B-Q Sauce Since 1926 this spicy, vinegar-based sauce has been the perfect compliment to Ollie's delicious open-pit, hickory flavored barbeque. Thinner than tomato based sauces, it is best used when cooking at home as a marinade or to add a lively zing to your other favorite sauces. No preservatives here. The sauce's natural ingredients act as its own preservative giving it an unlimited shelf life. But you won't have to worry about shelf life - you will like it so much, you will run out of it soon and be hungry for more.

Buy 6 - 16 oz Ollie's Thick Rib BBQ Sauce $25.96 plus 8.99 Shipping and Handling = $34.95
Buy 11 - 16 oz Ollie's Thick Rib BBQ Sauce $47.63 plus 10.99 Shipping and Handling (get one 16 oz bottle free) = $58.62
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